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Gujin 2.0 (Default branch)

Screenshot Gujin is a PC boot loader which can analyze your filesystems. It finds the Linux kernel images available, as well as other bootable partitions (for *BSD, MS-DOS, Windows, etc.), and displays a graphical menu for selecting which system to boot. Because it understands the structure of Linux kernel images, Gujin does not need LILO and can even load ELF kernels. There is no need to execute anything after making a new kernel: just copy the kernel image file into the "/boot" directory. Gujin is written almost entirely in C with GCC, and it fully executes in real mode to be as compatible as possible.
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Correct behaviour following the latest Linux evolutions, bugfixes for tiny.exe related to BIOS data gathering for *.kgz kernels, disk size adjustment for SATA/SCSI/USB hard disks is done like ATA disks, and an initial attempt to automatically relocate the kernel when "ld" has the "--emit-reloc" flag and the kernel is moved by the "loadadr=" parameter.

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